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    Q5 Match Champion

    NEW: Same execution as Q5 Match (2814455) but:
     „Dry“ trigger by adjustable sear engagement
     Extra heavy recoil guide rod made of tungsten (2820790) + 49 g
     Three 17-round magazines (instead of three 15-round magazines)

    IWA News - Walther FP500

    The Walther FP500 is another Free Pistol for .22 l.r. ammunition with a short
    compensator barrel and an adjustable-angle Rink anatomical grip.


    The KK500 Ultralight is a lighter small-bore match rifle for women and young
    people. But it will also interest shooters who want to custom-balance their match rifles with additional weights. Of course the KK500 Ultralight also has the ambiaction system which allows switching between left-handed and right-handed shooting and has performed so outstandingly in many competitions.

    The new Match-Edition

    Now one can choose from an entire family of guns with laminated wood stocks and grips in the trendy “Green Pepper” color, ranging from the LG400 and LP400 to the SSP sport pistol with its conspicuous grip design.

    Walther CREED

    The Walther Creed, a 9 mm Luger originally offered only in the USA, is now
    available in Europe as well. Thanks to innovative production methods this pistol with a modern design can be offered as a low-cost alternative to many competitors on the market.

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    WALTHER Event Calendar

    • 2017-05-17 - 2017-05-24

      ISSF Worldcup - München

    • 2017-05-28 - 2017-06-09

      ISSF World Cup - Changwon

    • 2017-06-01 - 2017-06-04

      Walther Trophy - Auer

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    Nataliya Kalnysh




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